Natural Rubber
  • India is the 4th largest producer and 2nd largest consumer.
  • The rubber industry parents the genesis of a wide range of products like adhesives, auto tyres, auto tubes, auto& cycle parts, footwear, belts, cables & wires, sports goods, surgical & pharmaceutical products etc.
  • Rubber is successfully grown in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Tripura, Assam, Meghalaya etc. However, Kerala enjoys a monopoly position by sharing almost 80% of the area occupied by the crop in the country.
  • The tyre& tube sector of automobiles including retreads and cycle tyres together account for about 75% of consumption of natural rubber.
  • Ceyenar is one of the leading marketing organization for the last 30 years for different grades of Natural Rubber.
  • We are very proud of being appreciated by our customers for the quality of rubber that we supply to them. Whether the customer is in India or abroad, tyre or non-tyre we ensure that they are getting good quality rubber at the most competitive price prevailing in the market. This unique quality of ours have made us the most sought after supplier for many of the natural rubber users.
  • We offer all grades of Natural Rubber like RSS 1X, RSS1, RSS III, RSS IV, RSS V, RSS LOT, PLC, EBC, ISNR 10 & ISNR 20 etc. Our procurement systems are more organized and we are in a position to help the customers technically also. As we are into future trading we will be in a position to help you in your procurement strategies too. We source RSS not only from our own plantation but also from various other areas through out the state.
  • We have on-going arrangements with all major plantations and processors for consistent supply of value added rubber that allows us to procure the right quality at the right price and ensure prompt supply at the required site.

Factors Affecting Rubber Prices.

  • Oil Price affects synthetic rubber prices which in turn natural rubber prices.
  • Hedge Fund Manipulation.
  • Rubber Stock at Sellers – by nature the yield stops around February until early of June thus aggregate rubber volume reduces which causes upward trend market + last stock is held expecting higher prices.
  • Rubber Stock at Buyers – Chinese collecting rubber stock in expect of future price buffer. Special Demand for rubber usage – eg. August 2008 Olympics lead to economic boom.
  • Natural/Environmental Factors.
  • Low Yield by the end season
  • Heavy rains & floods

Rubber Price Increases When

  • Yen Depreciates
  • Baht Depreciates
  • Higher Oil Price
  • Higher Gold Price
  • Flooding and heavy raining in growing areas
  • Stock market boom
  • Big three buyers interest rates decline
  • Big three buyers economy grows
  • Fewer Rubber Stocks
  • Hedge Fund Price Supports

Rubber Price Decreases When

  • Yen Appreciates
  • Baht Appreciates
  • Lower Oil Price
  • Lower Gold Price
  • Big three buyers reduces purchase
  • Hedge Funds move to invest in Gold and Oil
  • Big stock market falls